Foreign Exchange Services
We provide a range of Foreign Currencies, Traveler Cheques & Prepaid Travel Cards in all major cities in India. Our business partner is a RBI licensed full fledged money changer and has been granted authorized dealer-category II license by RBI.

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Our Foreign Exchange Services Include
Extended Hours of Service
Foreign exchange transaction can be availed from outlets anytime between 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Exchange can also be availed on bank holiday and under emergency cases and delivered even on Sundays and Bank Holidays with 24 hour prior notice.
Wide Range of Currencies
We deal in 33 International currencies so, you can save lot of money spent on conversion to local currency.
Purchase of Un-utilized Exchange
The unutilized Foreign Exchange can also be converted back to INR.
Travelers Cheques
We deal with American Express Travelers Cheques which are available in six currencies. i.e.
Prepaid Travel Cards
International pre-paid cards available in six major foreign currencies.
Can be used at both ATM's and POS terminals.
Accepted at 10, 00,000 Visa ATM's.
Accepted at 13.5 million Visa Electron merchants worldwide.
Used anywhere in the world-conversion to destination currency.
Safe and convenient
Issued with validity of more than a year.

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