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The real estate boom that is being witnessed in the past few years is bound have a significant impact in the commercial real estate sector. The current size of the retail sector in India is around Rs. 8,10,000 crores (US $162 billion), of which only 2% is organised. Over 12 million retail outlets, mostly run by small shopkeepers, cover the remaining 98%. The retail sector is growing at the rate of 20% per annum and more important, the organised retail sector is estimated to grow from 2% of the total retail market in 2001 to 22% in 2005. Most of this rapid growth will be in the large metropolitan cities.
The Indian consumers are divided into two categories, viz., high-income urban consumers and low-income urban and rural consumers. The high-income urban consumers are willing to pay a higher price for having the choice of quality products and the complete shopping experience in the large retail stores. But, the low-income urban and rural consumers will go for the price sensitive products which are easily available in the smaller stores located nearby. The markets in both categories are very large and hence, there is little direct competition between the two sectors.

As the awareness and disposable incomes increase in India, the two categories will merge slowly, before the competition actually begins. The minor players don't pose a major threat to the big retailers, because the target consumers are different and the Indian markets are very large.

For the up-market client, who wants the experience, quality and choice, the shopping mall concept of the larger retail players is very well suited. However, for the less fortunate clients who prefer lower cost, personal service and home delivery, the smaller unorganised retail players are best suited. The rentals paid by the large retailer chains are relatively high in the organised sector. But, the unorganised retail sectors pay much lower rentals. The bigger players have to occupy larger spaces to get better rates, So we develop close partnerships with our clients, with the sense of pride and ownership that keep our teams focused on delivering results that reduce operating expenses and increase revenue potential. We’re driven to uncover hidden costs, increase efficiencies, improve the quality of customer service and enhance the value of every building we manage. We cater all needs for commercial property requirements, be it for lease, purchase or selling bringing a greater level of transparency, structure and credibility to every real estate transactions.

We work on comprehensive database of builders, development projects and available real estate options to identify properties that meets the specified requirements. Our in-depth knowledge enables us to fine-tune your search. We help in negotiating the best prices. We also help with the documentation once a deal has been finalized.
Our property search process includes
Concept validation
Business planning and financial feasibility
Industry analysis
Location analysis
Consumer and occupier analysis

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